Recycled Handmade Totes

[all pictured above - TheToddlerTote]

•CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOTE•O+O Totes are available in 4 sizes. 1. theTODDLERtote (pictured on Left is the smaller of the two)2. theONTHEGOtote (pictured on Right shows the difference in size) 


#theTODDLERtote is Perfect for ages 2+. Retail $70. #theONTHEGOtote is a SuperSized version of TheToddlerTote. Now almost double in size. For those that just want more room! Recommended for 5-7yrs. Retail $85.

JUNIOR (pictured above)

#theJUNIORtote comes with 2 zipper options. Standard or Brass. 1 zip closure or 2! Recommended for 5-7yrs. Bigger than the Onthego. Retail $115 - $120


#theCARRYALLtote also known as the mama tote. Perfect for the mama on the go! Retail $149

 PREORDERS are also available :For those that don't want to wait for the Ready to Ship listings, Preorders are available. You will be able to view, select, and purchase the exterior & lining via our website. Unfortunately Preorder means purchasing sight unseen (of the final product) so please keep that in mind.*** Please note: There is a 3-4week turnaround on all Preorders and only a few are taken at a time.*** #OzzieOlive

[Both pictured above-TheToddlerTote]

[Pictured above - TheToddlerTote]